Tom Lucey
Brand Strategist | Graphic Designer

Arrive & Thrive

Arrive & Thrive


Logo design and identity system for Melbourne based career support provider, whose purpose is to help international students thrive.


The challenge was to present an approachable, expert source of career support to international students in a straightforward manner.

The process began with a strategy session, where brand attributes were determined, leading to a positioning statement. Next stylescapes were created, which translated the key words uncovered into visual references.

The selected typography communicates in a youthful, modern tone, while the colour palette aims to capture the excitement associated with studying abroad with red and professionalism with navy purple.


The wordmark is based on a typeface called Circular. Cuts were made to open up the letter e, to further the idea of Arrive & Thrive being approachable and friendly. For consistency, the same cut was made across a section of the ampersand. The line thickness and direction of the ampersand was used to construct the icon.

A compelling theme which surfaced during exploration was the idea of taking strides, defined as purposeful and decisive movements toward a particular goal. Strides are the perfect way to bridge the gap between arriving in a new country and thriving in one's career. The right section of the icon suggests a stride being made.