Brand strategy and design for international career support provider

  • Brand strategy
  • Identity design
  • Website design
  • Website development
  • Brand rollout

I collaborated with the Arrive and Thrive co-founders to help articulate their vision, brand personality and business goals.

We got clear on these critical details during discovery workshops.

Consequently, we could start the design process with a solid foundation. I started the design phase with identity design. That is to say logo design, colour palette, supporting typography and icons.

Arrive & Thrive offer career support to students. Those who want to learn through experience. As a result, these students establish connections. They also grow in confidence.

While working on concept development, I was compelled by the idea of taking strides.

These are purposeful, decisive movements that we take toward a particular goal. To expand, strides bridge the gap between arriving in a new country and thriving in a career. The right section of the icon illustrates a stride being made.

The impact of brand strategy and design

“Working with Tom is a game changer! Because of his strategy sessions, my business partner and I were able to flesh out concepts. We could tie meaning to our vision. Consequently, we collaborated on developing a brand identity that resonated for us and our audience.”

“Tom has an incredible eye for detail. He helped us understand why having a cohesive, considered brand is vital. We both feel incredibly valued as his clients.”

Tyson Day, Arrive & Thrive co-founder