Empowering international students to make strides toward their career goals.

  • Brand strategy
  • Identity design
  • Website design
  • Website development
  • Brand rollout

The Arrive & Thrive co-founders and I collaborated to articulate their vision, brand personality and business goals. This laid the foundation for an informed design process, leading to an identity design, website and print materials.

Arrive & Thrive offers career support to international students who want to learn through experience, helping them to establish connections and grow in confidence.

A compelling idea which surfaced was taking strides, defined as purposeful and decisive movements toward a particular goal.

Strides bridge the gap between arriving in a new country and thriving in one’s career.

The right section of the icon illustrates this stride being made.

The impact

“Working with Tom is a game changer! Through his strategy sessions we were able to draw out concepts and tie meaning to our vision, developing an icon and brand that resonated for us and our audience. He has an incredible eye for detail and helps you further understand why having an established brand is vital, making you feel incredibly valued as a client.”

Tyson Day, Arrive & Thrive co-founder

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