Creating a custom typeface to revive a relic found on Lonsdale Street in Melbourne


  • Type design

Wandering the streets of Melbourne’s Central Business District, I stumbled upon this gem. A remnant from the 1920’s – a time when hand painted signs were the most popular approach for advertising.

The letters were created with a flat brush which gives it a particular personality. The slight outward flairs at the top and bottom of downward strokes are such an example.

I started with the R and then adapted the DNA from that letter to another 6 or so letters. From here the alphabet started to fill itself out.

It was during an intensive at the Old School New School that I created this custom uppercase typeface. I was lucky to receive individual support from mentors Veronica Grow and Dan Milne.

In a matter of weeks this typeface will be available for purchase for $20. This will include all future updated versions also.

Update to come shortly.

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