Rebranding Parcelpoint, a network of over 1400 local delivery, pickup and return locations.

  • Rebrand
  • Identity design
  • Website design
  • Brand rollout

Parcelpoint are a network of local delivery, pickup and return locations. I was approached to help with their rebrand, to deepen connection with their customers and unite as a business.

During discovery, the theme that was going to unify their business was uncovered:

Corner store connection.

With this clearly in mind, my role was to translate Parcelpoint’s renewed vision into a visual identity. From there I designed the assets to rollout the brand across over 100 touch points.

In order to develop this concept, I imagined what it was like picking up a parcel from a corner store in Paris in 1925. I thought back to a time when human, corner store connection was commonplace.

The colour palette I chose, and the iconography and textures I used were influenced by old stamps, parcels and the string that keeps their precious contents secure. The P icon represents such a string.

I created four logo versions to provide enough visual tools for all communication contexts; from small instagram profile logos to large vehicle wraps.

I designed the website with emphasis on a simple, logical user experience and consistent brand identity. Lynx Digital developed these designs into a custom wordpress theme.

The results

Monthly web page views increased from 600,000 to 1.2 million.

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