Tom Lucey
Brand Strategist | Graphic Designer


Branding process involves brand strategy first, design second. Lastly is roll out.


Great design begins with strategy.




The process begins with understanding your business, who it serves and why.

This takes place in a facilitated workshop, which results in a list of core brand attributes, a positioning statement, user profiles and prioritised business goals.

Direct and indirect competition is studied to discover where there is opportunity to differentiate. 

These findings are summarised in a brief, which is returned before moving forward.



This information is then used to create stylescapes, which translate words into examples of typography, layouts, colour schemes and graphic treatments.

We review these stylescapes together and note what speaks best to target audience, to be focused on in design phase.



With a firm understanding of where the brand wants to be, this phase begins with hundreds of loose pencil sketches, testing out possible logo options.

Sketches are eventually taken to the computer for digital refinement, working in black and white. Supporting typography is tested along the way and colour is introduced once form is working.

At the end of this phase, 1-3 logo options are recommended. Upon approval, logo files are packaged into all necessary formats and delivered with style guidelines, which indicate best practises for logo usage.



applY to customer TOUCHPOINTS

Driven by the business goals, we then take the branding developed and apply it to the most appropriate customer touch points.

Digitally, this can include website design, social media graphics, email signatures, email newsletters, quote templates, pitch decks and more.

In the print space this can include business cards, packaging, menus, brochures, letterheads, posters, billboards, flyers, invites and other applications.