Lonsdale typeface alphabet designed by Tom Lucey




Typeface design

To revive a relic found on Lonsdale Street in Melbourne, I designed a custom typeface.

Lonsdale typeface design process. Print outs of letters with pencil markings of edits to be made.
Print out of font letters with pencil markings of edits
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Wandering the streets of Melbourne’s Central Business District, I stumbled upon a remnant from the 1920’s – a time when hand painted signs were the most popular approach for advertising. The letters were created with a flat brush which gives their form a particular character. The slight outward flairs at the top and bottom of downward strokes are such an example. I started with the letter R and then adapted the DNA from that letter to another 6 or so letters. From there the alphabet started to fill itself out.
Flat brush lettering on Lonsdale Street in Melbourne
Antonio's Gelateria

I was pleasantly surprised to wake one morning to see that the typeface had been used by Giuseppe Santamaria as a headline font in the Australia & New Zealand publication The Robb Report.

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The Robb Report magazine featuring font designed by Tom Lucey
The Robb Report magazine designed and photographed by Giuseppe Santamaria
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The Robb Report cover design
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Tom Lucey

Typeface design

Giuseppe Santamaria

Robb Report layout and photography