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Migain is a software application which organises shares, property and cash to help prepare everything for tax time.

In collaboration with The Child in Me, a brand and marketing website was developed for Migain to support their market entry.

migain logo with upward arrow
Financial services iconography
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The logo icon signifies the letter M and growth. The 3 lines speak to Migain’s pillars: shares, property and cash.
Migain website home and blog pages

A fully interactive prototype was created for desktop and mobile experiences. This allowed for easy client review and a smooth handover for development.

instagram ad mockup which says save money, make time
instagram ad mockup which says investments, sorted. Life, organised.
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Migain website pricing page and website page
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Tom Lucey, Kody Deretic

Brand identity, website design

Scott Williams

Tone of voice, website copy, content strategy


Website development