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Waterside Metal Art are a blacksmith forge situated on the banks of the Maribyrnong river in Footscray, Melbourne. They run courses and experiences ranging from fun 2hr experiences to multi-day immersive courses.

In collaboration with The Child in Me, we reimagined their brand identity, including their website, social media and print assets.

Before diving into brand discovery workshops, Kody and I undertook a blacksmithing class to fully immerse ourselves in the craft. The website draws from our experience inside the forge, with the ability to hear audio recordings of anvils ringing at Waterside.

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The brand symbol is a W that has expanded with the application of heat. The shape of a forge oven is used as a photo frame throughout the website, to reveal an aspect of the blacksmithing experience. The top of the shape has been borrowed from the top of the symbol.
W symbol and oven photo frame
Icons inspired by blacksmithing tools

To convey the grit that comes with heating metal over coals, different textures were created to give backgrounds and typography depth. The result was achieved by applying different pressures to an aerosol spray can then manipulating the surface with fire and hammer.

To support the online store which stocks essential blacksmithing materials and custom made jewellery, a unique set of icons was created. They are inspired by the tools of the trade.

Steel changes colour as its temperature rises, transforming from black to red, orange, yellow and white. This informed the brand colour palette.

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Waterside website landing page
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Tom Lucey, Kody Deretic

Brand identity, website design, print design

Scott Williams

Tone of voice, website copy

Ben Beagley, Kody Deretic

Website development