Tom Lucey
Brand Strategist | Graphic Designer

Total Health Chiropractic

Total Health


Strategy, identity design, website design and development for a Rockhampton based chiropractic clinic




This project started with two discovery sessions.

In the first session Total Health Chiropractic’s customers were defined with user profiles and their brand was defined by exploring brand attributes.

In the second session business goals to generate revenue, raise awareness and optimise operational efficiency were prioritised.

Insights gathered were organised into a six month strategy which provided a framework for the design process and next steps for marketing efforts.




Brand attributes were translated into stylescapes — visual references of colour, typography, layout and graphic treatments. Each represented a different interpretation of the brief.

Compelling themes that arose were health, wellness and movement.

The idea of using flowing lines to communicate movement became significant for two reasons: delivering chiropractic service can involve high velocity adjustments; and Total Health Chiropractic identifies improved movement as a key benefit of chiropractic.

The third stylescape above was selected to guide identity development.


Logo design


The logo mark’s outline is a leaf to represent health and wellness. Lines which cut through the leaf reinforce the idea of movement.

The overall approach is minimalist.

The logo has been designed to work in small vertical and wider horizontal spaces and is best suited to small spaces such as email signatures and Instagram profile pictures.

Bow tie icon on navy background
Technical construction of logo icon

Typography and colour


The brand’s typeface is Gilroy in bold and light weights. Gilroy was selected for its legibility and ability to communicate in a modern, friendly tone as a sans serif with circular details.

The colour palette was carefully considered and took into account colour schemes being used by local competitors. It is driven by a deep green with a monochromatic support crew; greys remain relatively soft and are occasionally supported by a soft light green.

Green was selected for its immediate association with nature, health and wellness.


Website design and development

View the website


Once the design system was established, website creation began.

The website’s structure was defined: pages, links, general flow and content that needed to be dynamic (updatable by client) were identified.

Photography and copy were sourced. Using these resources, wireframes were generated and designed into individual screens for desktop and mobile environments.

A custom WordPress theme was developed for the website, giving the client the ability to update existing content, add new content, and monitor and improve SEO ongoing.

Once completed, the site was tested and adjusted to ensure high performance and responsiveness.


Social media


Below are examples of how the identity system adapts to compact spaces on Instagram and Facebook.




Signage was developed for the building’s fascias, windows and outdoor teardrop banners.

The graphic element of flowing lines was used to tie these applications together.